Hotwheels Treasure Hunts for Sale

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Exclusive Hot Wheels span from the earliest years to the present day. These are sets and individual cars that were promotional items, exclusive retailer sets, mail-ins,  convention or event premiums. Most of these sets and cars were produced for specific regional areas or groups with very limited numbers. Which makes them some of some of the hardest models to find. All of these Mattel Hot Wheels have special wheels, decorations, and or other markings that which make them hard to find or very rare.  

Hard to find Collectables

Selling various Hotwheels that are real riders, limited editions, and treasure hunts. All Hotwheels are in mint condition along with the packaging it comes with, unless otherwise noted. To get a better view, just click on the picture.

30th Anniversary Collectors Convention

Mattel Hot Wheels 1998 Collectors Convention30th Anniversary Four car set. 1967 Pontiac GTO, Mustang Fastback, Scorchin' Scooter, and 1932 Ford Coupe. Unpainted and polished metal.

$24.99 No.42017

Hot Wheels Racing

Mattel Hot Wheels NASCAR TideMint in the package, package in fair condition. NASCAR 2001 Tide Collector's Edition. Has plastic under carriage.

$2.99 No.42018

2000 Treasure Hunt Series

HW Limited Edition 1957 T-bird

1957 Ford Thunderbird

8 of 12 Item No.4201


2000 Treasure Hunt Series

HW Treasure Hunt 1970 Chevelle SS1970 Chevelle SS
12 of 12Item No. 4202


2000 Treasure Hunt Series

Treasure Hunt LakesterLakester
6 of 12 Item No.4203


1999 Treasure Hunt Series

Treasure Hunt Hot SeatHot Seat
10 of 12 Item No.4204


Hot Wheels Collectors Club

Collector Club Motor CycleCustom Bike with dual Exhaust.
Item No.4205


2000 Treasure Hunt Series

Treasure Hunt Cord1936 Cord 3 of 12 Item No.4206


2000 Treasure Hunt Series Tow Jam

Tressure Hunt Tow JamTow Jam
2 of 12 Item No.4207


Red 3 Window '34 Ford

Red 1934 Ford Real RidersMIP   Metal body and Real Riders Tires.   Card has been cut from the red margin-Card is not complete. 2009 Ford 1934 Ford.  11 of 20.  Larry's Garage Red painted body. 

$1.99 No.42026

Real Rider Series Truck

Real Riders Dump TruckDump Truck
1 of 4 Item No.4209


1999 Treasure Hunt Series

Treasure Hunt Rigor MotorRigor Motor
4 of 12 Item No.42010


2000 Treasure Hunt GTO

Mattel Hot Wheels Silver/Gold GTOPontiac GTO with gold rims and awesome detailing. Real Rider tires.

  $24.99 USDItem Number:4402

1999 Ford Thunderbird Treasure Hunt Series

Treasure Hunt T-Bird Stock CarT-Bird Stocker
3 of 12 Item No.42012


Special Edition Racing Bus

VW Racing BusVW Racing Bus
Item No.42013


50,000 Thousand Special

VW Fish-o-SaursVan de Kamps Fish-O-Saurs *Tear in backing plate (check photo)
Item No.42014



2000 NASCAR Rocks AmericaMIP 1:64 scale. Package excellent.  HotWheels racing includes die-cast guitar, die cast body and chassis, and rubber tires, Mobil no. 12.  For  Adult Collectors, ages 14 years and up.

$5.99 No.42026

Flying Customs GMC Motor Home

Flying Customs GMC Motohome2006 Hot Wheels Flying Custom. Metal chassis, White painted body, Hotwheels and flying customs Tampos, smoke tint windows, redline tires and five spoke chrome wheels.

 $9.99 No.42019

1965 Chevy Malibu Treasure Hunt

1965 Chevy Malibu Treasure Hunt2012 MIP 60 of 247. Metal chassis, black interior, Clear windows, two black center stripes down the middle of the car. 

  $9.99 No.42020

Cars of the Decades '40s Ford

Cars of the dEcades 40s FordMIP 6 of 32.  Chrome detailed frame, black Ford with red and tan on sides, tan int., convertible, clear front window, sp5 rims. 1 in stock.

$4.99 No.42021

Cars of the Decades '37 Ford

Cars of the decades 1937 FordMIP  2 of 32.  Steel frame, red wheel flares and front, wood paneling with black, Hotwheels deliver on front doors, sp5 rims.

$3.25 No.42022

The '50s Cars of the Decades

White and red 56 chevy bel air9 of 32.  Steel carriage, white and red '56 Chevy Bel Air. blue tint windows, no. 56 on sides, Hotwheels flag on rear quarters, red sp5 rims.

$2.99 No.42023

The '60s Cars of the decades

Cars of the Decades '67 Chevy Camaro14 of 32.  Steel Carriage, blue 1967 Chevy Camaro, 67 on sides and on roof, various race logos, and gold five spoke rims.

$2.99 No.42024

57 Chevy Bel Air HotWheels Garage

Yellow and white 1957 Chevy Bel Air6 of 22.  Steel frame, white and yellow Bel Air, gray int., gray rims, real riders tires. 1 in stock.

$3.99 No.42025

1932 Ford Cool Classics

Dark Blue '32 Ford Cool Classics1/30   '32 Ford HotWheels Cool Classics.   Dark Blue, red flame pin stripe on sides, retro slot rims, steel frame.   3 in stock.  Spectafrost Paint

$3.99 No.42026

1987 Toyota Pickup

Copper Color 1987 Toyota PU HW2/30  Copper colored HotWheels Cool Classics.   Metal frame, Toyota in white on sides, large tires, black roll bar, black int. white pin stripe.  Spectrafrost Paint. 3 in stock.

$3.99 No.42027

J.C. Penney Treasure Hunt Wrecker Set

Here there be Hot Wheels - the greatest die-cast metal toy cars in the world! Made by Mattel toys -the coolest cars and the hottest designs are a given! *** WOW - here it is Nascar fans, the ultimate Hot Wheel treasure Hunt set. 2001 Hot Wheels racing Rig Wrecker 12 hunt set 1 of 1,500. Fantastic pieces - all have Goodyear real rider wheels - all have different raceway logos - there is Talladega - California Speedway - Darlington - Daytona - Kansas Speedway - Watkin's Glen - Talladega 500 - Homestead Miami Speedway - Phoenix International Raceway - and a beautiful Daytona night race tampo. Absolutely fantastic set - cars individually packaged and mounted in a display box. Auction also includes original shipping box. Shipping cost includes insurance and delivery confirmation. *** Any questions - please ask *** Hot Wheels cars are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

   $199.99 No. 4202