Mattel Hotwheel Sets for Sale

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Other Mattel Hot Wheels, is a category with items such as track sets, carry cases, NASCAR, and or anything else that does not quite fit into our main categories. This category may also include any Mattel items that may be old or new and is not considered a Hot Wheel. 

Hot Wheels Spinnin' Rim

Mattel Hot Wheels Spinnin' rimMint in the box. Box is unopened. Contents are track set, one car, and spinnin' rim. The wheel spins and car clears it or crashes it. Keeps score with score counter. Box size is 20"x6.5"x3.5 inches. 2005 Mattel.

   $8.99Item# 4401

Jay Leno Collection

Jay Leno Shelby 350 Mustang

Jay Leno's Shelby Cobra Replica Jay Leno's Lamborghini MiuraMattel Hot Wheels Legends four car set mint in original packaging. Comes with display case that is near mint condition. 1:64 Scale. Jay Leno is a car lover and has been his entire life! Jay admits that "looks" carry a certain weight in his decision to add a car to his collection, but it is the Jay Leno's Jaguar XKEtechnical aspect Jay Leno's Jaguar XKE Under Carriageof the vehicles that excites him most. It's the engines, transmissions and suspensions...and he personally works on them in his 17,000 square foot LA-area garage. Jay's automotive tastes are wide-ranging. His collection includes classic Bugattis, Duesenbergs, and Stanley Steamer, as well as muscle cars like his Hemi-powered '66 Dodge Caronet 500. He tunes them, re-builds them, soups them up and then he drives them...all forty-eight of them.
    The four car set includes: Lamborghini Miura, Jaguar XKE, Shelby Cobra Replica, Shelby GT 350 Mustang. Items can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Excellent detail with car flipped on its side to show the quality.

  $119.99Item Number:4404

40th Anniversary of Signature 1957's

1957 Chevrolet Tom McEwen

Legends 1957 Plymouth Fury 1957 signature seriesLegends 1957 Ford Fairlane 40th Anniversary The Legends 40th Anniversary collector's set mint in the original packaging. Comes with a clear plastic display case. Each customized classic is constructed of at least 30 parts per car and comes with the autographs of the men behind these timeless machines. The 1957 Cadillac 1957 Chevrolet SideEldorado signed by John D' 1957 Cadillac EldoradoAgostino. The 1957 Ford Fairlane signed by Robert Kinsbury. 1957 Chevrolet Dragster signed by Tom McEwen. 1957 Plymouth Fury signed by Al Scheib.

  $89.99Item Number:4405

Barris Kustom

Barris MercElvis Dream CadillacLegends by Mattel Hot Wheels mint in the original packaging, four 1:64 scale die-cast cars that comes with a Hot Wheels display case. The four cars are The Barris Mercury, Elvis Dream Cadillac, Hirohata Mercury, and Ala Kart. This is limited edition and has real chrome plated parts with many details.
Hirohata MercAla Kart    Barris Mercury came during the growing California custom scene oft he '50s, the Barris Brothers pioneered the chopped Mercury look. This favorite car of customizers got the typical Barris touch with chopped top and slanted B-pillars. It was nosed and decked and lowered. Fitted with frenched headlights, Cadillac hubcaps, bubble skirts with teeth, and custom taillights.
    Elvis Dream Cadillac was designed by the King and the King of Kustomizers in the late '60s. Unveiled in 1987 on the 10th anniversary of Elvis' death, this 1965 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible started a national sponsored tour by E.P. Cosmetics. Fans admired its exterior with 40 coats of gold pearl and swirled gold leaf pin striping. There was plenty of gold on the inside as well. Such as a gold plated steering wheel, plated TV and phone, gold Elvis 45s, and a guitar shaped sun visors.
    Hirohata Mercury was one of the most famous Mercury's of the 1950's. This was chopped and converted to a hardtop styling with sculptured chrome window frames housing all the side-glass for a signature Barris look. The sides were shaved and fitted with a 1953 Buick Riviera side trims blending into the rear fender skirts with working air scoops. Finished in Sea foam green with organic green side panels. This Mercury made an appearance in the hot rod movie, Running Wild.
Ala Kart is a custom 1929 Ford Roadster pickup with a 1929-A front welded to a 1929-T rear stopped the Oakland Roadster Show in 1958 and 1959 to drive away with the coveted America's Most Beautiful Roadster trophy. This baby had thirty coats of pearl white lacquer and detailed with striking Kandy Cerise and Gold Leaf Ribbon scallops and pin striping. In its day, Ala Kart made a brief appearance in the Hot Rod Gang.
    George and Sam Barris were miles ahead of custom car builders when they opened the Barris Kustom body shop in Southern California in the postwar 1940's. Their extreme designs and custom craftsmanship influenced the 1950's custom car scene and earned them the title "Kings of Kustomizing".

 $89.99Item Number:4406

Vintage Record Holders

Legends Challenger 1 of vintage record holders1957 Chevy 150Selling all four mint in the original packaging comes with a display case. Our fascination with speed has led us on a century-long quest for more horsepower and superior design. Throughout this evolution there were men in magnificent machines who pushed the limits of speed farther than anyone could dream. The Legends Willy Gasser of Vintage Records HoldersVintage Legends Watson RoadsterRecord Holders set celebrates the historic accomplishments of four men and the vehicles who answered the age-old question, "How fast will it go?"
    Challenger 1 was Mickey Thompson's most innovative car, featuring four modified Pontiac V-8 engines, each with its own transmission. Thompson linked them together operating them with one lever from a small cockpit located just behind the rear axle. Surprisingly, the car had no suspension, but the biggest innovation was in making the tires as small as possible. He convinced Goodyear to produce the first low-profile tires... and they worked.  In 1960, Mickey broke the land speed record by traveling 401 MPH.
    Watson Roadster, driven by Parnelli Jones, won the 1963 Indianapolis 500 by driving the Watson Roadster to a record breaking 143.137 MPH. Jones' car was named after Master Designer and Chief Mechanic, A.J. Watson, who refined and tuned the four cylinder, 251.9 cubic inch Offenhauser engine to peak performance. Together their efforts made the 1963 Memorial Day classic a race to remember.
    '57 Chevy 150 gave helped the driver to complete and incredible mission to win the NASCAR championship. Buck entered the season driving a legendary Chevy 150 Black Widow, but three races into the4 season, NASCAR banned fuel-injection, factory produced cars, claiming they had an advantage over independent racers. So Buck modified his small block 283 cubic inch V-8 to run with a single 4 barrel carburetor and went on to win 17 races, capturing the 1957 NASCAR Championship.
Willys Gasser with driver Doug Cook, may be the most famous drag car of all time. Not only did it run fast, but won big races and looked totally tricked. Originally powered by a 6-71 blown, four-port Hilborn injected 394 Oldsmobile engine, the team won races in both the B and A Gas Supercharged classes. It was the first gasser to enter the 9 second range, eventually hitting 164 MPH and in '65 it won 97% of its races including A/GS at the NHRA Nationals

  $89.99Item Number:4407

Easter Eggsclusives Brutalistic

Eggsclusives BrutalisticMIP  Metal base, metallic light green paint, orange flames on sides, yellow canopy, five spoke bronze colored rims.

$4.25 No.44027

Easter Eggsclusives 69 Camaro Z28

Eggsclusives 69 Camaro Z28MIP.   Detailed black plastic chassis, red painted body, yellow and blue pin stripping on sides and roof, large gold engine in the front, gold sp5 rims.

$3.75 No.44028

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR

2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACRMIP  Black plastic base, metallic yellow paint, black race paint on engine hood, black interior, clear windows.

$4.25 No.44029

Green Lantern

Green LanternMIP.  DC Comics.  Black base, clear green body, black stripe down the middle, and five spoke black rims.

$3.79 No.44030

Color Shifter Brown Invader

Color Shifter Brown InvaderMetal base, 3 axles, light brown and dark brown. Icy water changes color, warm water changes the color back.  For ages 3 and up.  Mint in the box.

$4.49 No.44031

Color Shifters Creatures Invader

Color Shifter Blue InvaderMetal base, 3 axles, light brown and dark brown. Icy water changes color, warm water changes the color back. For ages 3 and up.  Mint in the box

$4.49 No.44032

HotWheels Racing Jasper

NASCAR Jasper Robert Pressley1:64 scale.  Deluxe 2000. Robert Pressley trading card, Designed for the adult collector, die cast body and chassis.

$4.99 USD Item Number:44024

HotWheels Racing Jeff Burton

Daytona 500 1999 Jeff BurtonDaytona 500 1999 Edition.  Adult collectible, 1:64 scale, metal body and frame. Included Jeff Burton Trading Card.

$4.99 USD Item Number:44025

Deluxe Square D

Deluxe Square D Adult CollectableHotwheels racing 1:64 scale. NASCAR Die-cast body and frame. Highly detailed and mint in the package.

$3.99 USD Item Number:44026

Hot Wheels 2 Pack

HW 2 pack Cadillac Escalade and FelionCadillac Escalade and Fast Felion.   Caddy is metal flake white, white and gray pin stripping on the sides, black base, chrome interior, and smoke tint windows.  Felion: black plastic base, gray painted body, blue tint windows, chrome interior, and 5 spoke rims.

$4.99 No.44033

Hot Wheels Easter Eggsclusives Rodger Dodger

HotWheels Rodger DodgerMIP   2011  Chrm. frame, dark pink Dodger, Large metal engine in front with vertical exhaust pipes, white and purple tampos on roof, trunk and sides, white rims with five black spokes.

$4.25 No.44034

1972 Ford Ranchero Holiday Hot Rods

1972 Ford Ranchero Holiday Hot Rods2011 Steel frame, light green paint, white roof and pillars, gold and white snow flake on the sides and on the roof.  Gold sp5 rims. 1 in stock.

$7.99 No.44035

Rocket Oil Special Holiday Hot Rods

Rocket Oil Special Holiday Hot RodsGreen painted metal frame, red painted body, gold engine and single drivers seat, gold sp5 rims. 2010

$3.49 No.44036

HotWheels Stars So Fine

HotWheels Stars So Fine Anniversary2008 #78 40 year anniversary.  Detailed metal frame, flat black paint, yellow/red flames, red window, and chrome lace wheels. 1 in stock. Short Card.

$3.99 No.44037

Color Shifters Creatures

Custom '77 Dodge Van Color ShifterMIP.  Water changes the color.  White Dodge '77 Van, metal frame, green tint windows, Mauraders in green on sides, green rims.

$4.99 No.44038

Speed Machines Ford GT LM

Speed Machines Ford GT LMMIP Light green LM, black frame, number six in sides, deluxe detailing, smoke tint windows. 1 in stock.

$5.99 No.44039

Speed Machine Ford GT LM Black

Speed Machine Ford GT LM BlackYellow int., no. 2 on sides, gold pinstripe down center, Premium wheels, yellow and silver rims. 1 in stock.  MIP

$5.99 No.44040

McLaren F1 GTR

Silver McLaren F1 GTR Speed MachinesMIP Gray frame, two tone paint with orange on sides and silver on top, black int., clear windows, gray rear spoiler. 1 in stock. 

$11.99 No.44041

Tesla Roadster Sport

Tesla Roadster Sport OrangeMIP, two seat convertible with black int., orange body, highly detailed, smoke tint front window. 1 in stock.

$13.99 No.44042

Ryan Newman NASCAR Color Change

Ryan Newman Color Change CarMIP.  HotWheels Racing.  Cold water changes race car into realistic test car.  No. 12 on sides, white and blue, white int.

$7.99 No.44043

Holiday Hot Rods Cul8R

Holiday Hot rods Cul8rMIP.  Bronze steel frame painted, metal flake silver , gold chrome engine and int., tint windows.

$3.99 No.44044

'77 Corvette Funny Car

Blue 77 Corvette Funny Car Hot RodsHoliday Hot Rods.  Steel frame, lifting front blue body, Happy Holidays on the sides, gold chrome int., gold sp5 rims.

$4.99 No.44045

Color Shifters '57 Chevy W Engine

Color Shifter 57 Chevy W EngineMIP  34 of 48.  HW City Police.  Steel Frame, White or black in color, blue tint windows, sp5 rims.  Icy or warm water changes the color and holds at room temp. 1 in stock.

$6.99 No.44050

'59 Cadillac Funny Car

green 1959 Cadillac Funny CAr7/25  Steel frame, green funny car with white top, lifting front body, Rower in black on sides, Real rider tires

$6.99 No.44047

Jolly Rancher Hauler

Jolly Rancher HaulerMIP.   1997 3 axle truck delivering Long Lasting intense flavor.  Jolly Rancher on the sides, purple colored truck.  For ages 3 and up.  1 in stock.

$4.99 No.44048

Ballistiks Capt'n Speed

Captain Speed BallisticksMIP   for ages 5 and up.  Car folds up to a ball.  Captain speed transforms into a car upon impact. Create the ultimate rumble with Ballistiks. 2 in stock.

$5.99 No.44049

'64 Pontiac GTO Color Shifters

64 Pontiac GTO Color ShiftersMIP  2014  Changes color either black or green.  Metal frame, green sides, black top, no. 5 on sides and gold rims.  1 in stock.

$5.49 No.44051

'57 Chevy W Engine White Color Shifters

White 1957 Chevy W Engine ShiftersMIP 2014  34 of 48.  Changes color either black or white.  Blue tint windows, sp5 rims, Steel frame, City HotWheels.  1 in stock.


$7.99 No.44052

City Volkswagen Beetle Color Shifters

City Vokswagen Beetle Blue2014 MIP Color Shifters by HotWheels.  Sp5 rims, steel frame, Turns blue or white.  red tint windows, large rear engine.  1 in stock.

$5.99 No.44053

Baja Breaker

Yellow Orange Baja Breaker2014 MIP Color Shifters by HotWheels.  metal frame, Yellow/orange body, HotWheels on the sides, clear windows. OR6sp rims.  Off Road Six Spoke rims. 2 in stock.

$8.99 No.44054

New 1:64 Scale Carrying Cases

Hot Wheels Carrying Case 1:64 Scale NewThese cases are brand new and in mint condition.  Great for the collector for swap meets, shows, and even for display. This case opens from both sides and has double sided storage. This case contains 46 compartments. Two of the compartments are double length; for, the extra long semi-trailers or tractors. Compartments are wide enough for the storage of two Hot Wheels in one compartment. Does have a handle on top for easy carrying. The two doors are securely retained by 4 plastic locking tabs.  Hot Wheels and other die-cast cars can be easily seen when the door is closed. This helps find your favorites faster.  Very sturdy case. Case is made out of Poly-Propylene with grade density of 5. Need an extra long storage? Just cut out one of the dividers! Case size is 15"x10"x3.25" inches. Model No. 5315. Made by Plano Molding Co. Made in the USA Currently have 55 in stock. S and H for the first is $9.99 and $2.99 Dollar for each additional. International buyers, buyers outside the US, please check on S+H before buying  *New Marketing by Plano.  Cases might state Thread Needle Organizer, Rather than Die cast Carrying Case. Same great case for years.  (Bum your kid and leave label on as gift, then pull label off?)

  $13.99 Item Number:44012

JPL Sojourner Mars Rover

Action Pack JPL Sojourner Mars Rover Action Pack still mint in the package. Contains three Mars Action Vehicles. There is the Lander-Base station for the Mars Rover, Mars Pathfinder-Spacecraft that carried the Lander and rover to Mars, and Sojourner Mars Rover-Six wheeled robotic rover with Moveable antenna.  Mars Pathfinder has the cruise stage, back shell capsule, and removable heat shield. Lander has three movable solar panels. 1:64 Scale

  $9.99 Item Number:44010

Solar Racing

Action Pack Solar RacingAction Pack two car set with figures mint in the package. That's what the California State Solar Eagle did...and won!  Gathering energy through solar panels, the flame yellow, battery powered vehicle covered 1,230 miles at and average speed of 43.29 MPH in winning Sunrace 1997-A cross country solar car competition. Incredibly, the Solar Eagle never broke down once during the 10 day race. Warning: small parts Not meant for children under 3 years. 1:64 scale

  $7.99 Item Number:44011

Ferrari 5

Ferrari 5Five pack of Ferrari Mint in the box. For ages 3 and up. Set includes Ferrari California, 250 GTO, 612 Scaglietti, 355 Challenge, 360 Modena. Click on the picture for a better view.



 $7.99 Item Number:44012

Speed Challenge Cars

Speed challenge CarsTwo car set mint in the package.  One purple car with chrome interior and clear windows. The other is white with gold tint windows.


 $2.99 USDItem Number:44019

Mustang 50th 5 Pack

Mustang 50th 5-Pack HotWheels2014 HW City Mustang Five Pack.  Set Includes 2010 Ford Mustang GT, 63 Mustang II Concept, 65 Mustang, 69 Ford Mustang, Ford Mustang Fastback.   Mint in the box and box near mint cond.  2 in stock.




  $6.99 USDItem Number:44054

Shelby Five Pack HotWheels

2011 Shelby Cobra 5 Pack2011 Shelby 5-Pack.  MIP.  Packaging has some scrapes on the clear window.  Set includes:  '67 Shelby GT500, Shelby Cobra "Daytona" Coupe, '69 Shelby GT500, Shebly Cobra 427 S/C, Ford Shebly GT500.  1 In stock.





  $6.99 USDItem Number:44055

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