Durham Dollhouse Miniatures for Sale

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Dollhouse miniatures by Durham Industries Inc. Most if not all doll house miniatures were made in the late 1970's.  Whether a doll house is being built new or you just need to replace missing furniture, we might have what you need. These miniatures were made of a copper/tin alloy.


Doll House Miniature Roll Top Desk

Doll House Miniature Roll DeskOpening and closing doll house roll top desk in great condition. Size is 2.25"x2.25" inches. Desk is made out mixed alloy of brass or copper. Made by Durham Industries INC.  Item NO. 11 Made in Hong Kong. ©American Greetings Corp.

 $8.99 No. 7401

Doll House Fireplace

Doll House Accesory Fire PlaceGreat condition doll house fireplace made out of mixed alloy of brass or copper. Size is 2"x2.75" inches.  Made by Durham Industries INC.  Item NO. 30 Made in Hong Kong.
©Durham IND. 1976

 $8.99 No. 7402

Small Stove

Stove Doll house accesory

Finely detailed stove at approximately 3" inches in height or the same scale as listed above. Near mint condition. Made by Durham Industries INC.  Item NO. 8348? Made in Hong Kong.

 $8.99 No. 7403

Baking Stove

Dollhouse Stove

Excellent Condition Doll House stove is approximately 3x3" inches. Opening top shelf and opening front door.  Made by Durham Industries INC.  Item NO. 51 Made in Hong Kong. 1 in stock

 $8.99 No. 7404Sold


Durham SinkPiece is around 3x3" inches and is in very good condition. There is some scratching of the mirror, which is made out of polished tin?, and is complete. Piece has great detail.  Made by Durham Industries INC.  Item NO. 51 Made in Hong Kong. 0 in stock

 $8.99 No. 7405 Sold


BucketVery small bucket in excellent condition which stands about 1" inch in height. Missing the handle. Pictured with handle. Near Mint Condition. Made by Durham Industries INC.  Item NO.?

 $3.99 Item #7406

Grand Father Clock

Durham Grandfather Clock

Very good condition Grandfather clock. Has front opening door for pendulum and a thumbwheel on the backside of the clock that turns back and forth for the front pendulum. Everything is working fine. Piece stands about 3 and 7/8"  inches or 9.5 cm in height. Made by Durham industries NY, NY Item No. 25. Image can be clicked on for a better view. 2 in stock.


$9.99 No.74017

Miniature High Chair

Durham Miniature High Chair

Excellent condition Durham miniature High chair that stands about 2.75" inches or 6.9cm in height. The table top for the high chair has hinges on its two arms. This allows the table to be rotated over the top to set the baby in.  Made around 1970 by Durham Industries NY, NY Item No. 41. Click on the image for a better view.  A harder piece to find.


$10.99 No.74018 Sold

Durham Scale

Durham Scale Miniature

Old Fashioned scale is in very good condition. Scale stands about 3" inches or 7.1 cm in height. Piece has two weights on the bar that swivel from side to side. There is lever in the back turns the gears one way and this turns the indicator dial. Gear turn ok, but there is some binding. Click on the image for a better view. 2 in stock


 $8.99 No.74019

Meat Grinder

Durham Meat Grinder

Excellent condition Durham Industries Meat Grinder.  The meat grinder has two movable parts. Has a turning handle and that is connected to a cork screw on the inside. This can be seen from the top. Meat Grinder has and thumb screw on the bottom to mount on counter tops. Made by Durham Industries NY, NY 1976.  Length of the piece is about 3.25" inches or 8.3 cm.

$7.99 No.74020

Coffee Pot

Durham Coffee Pot

Very good condition Coffee Pot. A larger piece that stands about 3" inches or 7.6 cm. A piece that is kind of out of scale to Durham.  Coffee pot has the filtering like elements pictured to the side of the pot.  Filtering element has about three pieces. Year un-known. Made by Durham industries, NY, NY.

$6.99 No.74021

Wash Basin

Durham Wash Basin

Excellent conditioned piece. Set includes what is pictured: Bowl, stand, Dish and one small cup. I think it is called a wash basin, if not, I would like to hear from you. Length is about 4" or 10.2 cm long and about 2" inches or 5.1 cm in height. Stand hold the dish nicely and swivels. All pieces can be taken apart and arranged as you like.  No. 64. Durham Industries NY, NY.

$8.99 No.74022