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Plastic Model ship kits in various conditions. All images are can be enlarged by clicking on them. Paint supplies

H.M.S Invincible

Dragon HMS invincible 1:700 scale Plastic model kit of the Modern Sea Power Series. Model kit commemorates the 25th Falklands War Anniversary. Kit is in mint condition Sealed in cellophane. This super structure was realistically reproduced in great HMS Invincible Close upsdetail.  Kit has scaled radar provided by Photo-etched parts, photo etched railing to enhance details, and kit contains over 150 parts. For the experienced HMS Invincible Side Model Kitmodeler. Paint and glue not included. Made in 2007 by Dragon 7072-03 About the HMS Invincible:  Was part of the Royal Navy lead ship in its class for 15 years.  Commissioned in 1977.  Invincible is considered a light Aircraft Carrier. 

  $27.99 No.5207

U.S.S Arizona by Dragon

USS Arizona Plastic Mode KitNew and mint condition.  Un-assembled plastic model kit. 1:700 scale Modern Sea Power Series.  Kit contains 230 part.  For Skilled modelers 14 and up.  The Arizona was an Carrier Bomber. Kit includes on ship and four aircraft.  Made by Dragon.  7127.  Paint and glue not included.  Shipping weight is about 1.5 pounds.

$34.99  No.52028

BB-63 Missouri Battleship

Tamiya BB-63 Missouri BattleshipNew and Mint in the box.  Wrapped in cellophane. 1/700 scale Water Line Series.  U.S. Navy Battleship. Missouri displaced 45,000t and had a length of 270.4 meters. Modeling experience is helpful.  For ages 10 and up. Made by Tamiya  t422-8610  Shipping weight is about 2 pounds.  Paint and glue not included.

$44.99  No.52029

HMS Illustrious by Dragon

HMS Illustrious Plastic Model Kit1:700 Scale modern sea power series. Royal navy fleet flagship. Mint in the box and box near mint condition. Unassembled plastic model kit. Kit contains over 160 parts. For skilled modelers 14 and Over. New Harrier GR9 and EH101 Merlin included. Comes with base stand. Made by Dragon. 7046-03B Weight is about 1 pound. Paint and Glue not Included.

$23.99 No.52013

J.M.S.D.F Abukuma Jintsu

Abukuma Jintsu Plastic Model Kit1/700 scale plastic model kit. Water Line Series. Mint in the box. Box un-opened. For ages 10 and up. Made by Hasegawa. Comes with two kits. The DE 229 and DE 230. Kit no. 013 : 2200 Paint and glue not included

$15.99 No.52014

Japanese Navy Heavy Cruiser Myoko

Heavy Cruiser MyokoMint in the box and the box is un-opened. High grade full hull version. This kit correctly reproduces its characteristic appearance with the specially prepared plastic parts for the hull. Besides, a lot of super-detailed metal parts, photo etched stainless parts, wooden display stand and aluminum plates give the model incredible realism. Made by Hasagewa. 1:700 scale.  Paint and glue not included Kit number 43157.

$29.99 No.52015

USS Essex CV-9 Aircraft Carrier

USS Essex Plastic Model Kit by DragonDragon Model Kit Essex

1:700 Scale Sea Power Series.  Mint in the package and still factory sealed.  Option of either a waterline version or a full Hull version with Essex Aircraft Carrier DeckUSS Essex Partspresentation stand.  Superbly detailed anti-aircraft guns including 5" inch .38 caliber single Mount, Quadruple 40mm Bofors and single 20mm Qerlikon Guns.  Photo Etched deck crew is world first.   Offers 2 marking schemes, plus air group and national insignia.  Bonus Transparent flight deck that shows off the finely detailed interior.  Click on the pictures for a better view.  Kit contains 520 parts and is for modeler age 10 and up.  Box contains one model ship.  Paint and glue not included.   Shipping weight is about 2 pounds.  Dragon Model Kit 7049 ***Odin Art is excited to offer this Model kit for a number reasons, but one in particular.....This model has received a number of great reviews and is proud to sell this model kit for such innovation and design.  About the Essex: Lead ship in the 24 ship Essex class.  Commissioned in 1942.  Received 13 battle Stars.  Decommissioned in 1969.   Took part in the Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Apollo Space Mission.

$28.99 No.52017

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Hornet

Tamiya Hornet Aircraft CarrierNew and mint cond.  Un-opened. 1:700 scale plastic model kit unassembled.  Water Line Series.   The Hornet Displaced 19880t and had a length of 809.5 feet.  For experienced modelers 10 years of age and up.  Paint and Glue not included. Shipping weight is about 1.5 pounds.

$23.99  No.52030

Battleship Bismarck

Revell Bismark Battle shipNew and mint in the box.  Unassembled 1:700 Plastic model kit.  Model length is about 35.9cm.  The kit has a detailed hull and power plant, decks with textured planks, Gun turrets with individually moving barrels.  Skill Level is rated 5.  For modelers 12 to adult.  Shipping weight is about 1.5 pounds. Paint and glue not included.  Made by Revell.  05098

$36.99  No.52031

'Gokstad' 9th Century Viking Ship

Gokstad 9th Century Viking ShipEmhar 9th Century Viking Ship1:72 Scale new and un-assembled plastic model kit.  Optional masthead is included, 32 oars included and 64 shields included.  The 32 Oarsman and the chests they sat on can be bought separately.  EM7218.  Finished model is about 12.75 inches or about 323mm.  Kit comes with a stand for the model. Paint and glue not included.  Shipping weight is about 2 pounds.

$35.99  No.52032

Viking Warriors 9th Century

Emhar Viking WarriorsViking Warrior 9th and 10th century1:72 scale figurines in brand new condition. for modelers 8 and up. The warriors are pose able, paintable, and can be glued. Set contains 50 warriors.  Shipping weight is about 1 pounds. Made by Emhar.  EM 7205.   Paint and glue not included.

$11.99  No.52033

Matchbox Bismarck

Matchbox Bismark German ShipBismark Back of Model Kit1:700 scale plastic model kit. Complete model kit in excellent in rating, but box in OK condition with creased corners.  Box has been opened.  Model, when fully assembled is 35.8 cm long. Kit contains small parts, not recommended for children under 12 years old.  The real Bismarck displaced 41,700 tons.  Made in 1979 by Matchbox.  PK-351 kit number.  Rare Model.

$24.99  No.52034

Tamiya U.S. Aircraft Carrier Hornet

Tamiya Hornet Aircraft Carrier1/700 scale Water Line Series. Open box item.  Hornet it is a complete model kit with directions.  The small airplanes have taken out of the skew and placed in bag. Item 77510  1300.  Made by Tamiya.

$19.99  No.52035

USS Franklin CV-13

USS Franklin 1:700 scaleUss Franklin by Trumpeter1/700 Scale Plastic Model Kit.  Open box item.  Complete kit with instructions in English.   Kit contains 637 parts.  Model length is 377.7 mm.  Model comes with lower hull, upper hull, decks and waterline plate and display stand.  Nice looking kit and well done. Glue and paint are not included. Made in 2005 by Trumpeter. Item No. 05730

$17.99  No.52036

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enterprise

Enterprise Aircraft Carrier1:700 Scale Plastic Model kit.  Water Line Series. Open box model kit.  Kit like new and still connected to the retainers.  The U.S. Enterprise was called the Big E in the Navy.  Ship displacement was 19,800 tons and length was 809.5ft. Item no.  77514.  Paint and Glue not included.  Made by Tamiya.

$24.99  No.52037

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