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Vintage Plastic toys mark an era after WWII, when plastic technologies started to take hold. The use of plastic as a new production means, meant low cost overall and a lighter toy product. Vintage toys can be highly prized among collectors. Such items as Marx, cap guns, and buildings sets.

Tyco Sparkin Hot Rods

Sparkin Hot Rods by Tyco Race SetNot a complete set. Missing cars and wall plug in.  Two car set combined.  There is parts from two different sets and  both are made by Tyco.  This is for electric racing with motorized cars. This is an electric toy not meant for children under 8 years of age.  Shipping weight is about 5.5 pounds. Box size is about 2 feet by 16" inches.   All track Visually inspected to be good.

This Set Includes the following:

$12.99 No.60025

J. Kendrick Gorilla Doctor

J. Kendrick Gorilla Doctor Vintage Plastic ToysInteresting would be a start...this piece is made by J. Kendrick and is made out of a hard plastic.  Bottom contains felt and there is a hole in the center of the bottom; for, somebody had to stick their finger through the felt. Piece stands about 9" inches in height and is in excellent condition. Made in 1971 by Universal Statuary Corp., Chicago. numbered at 174.

 $12.99 No. 6002

Classic Games Company Chess Game

Ancient Rome 264 B.C.-14 A.D.

Ancient Rome Chess Chess game modeling Ancient Rome that is in very good condition. Game is complete with directions. The pieces are made out plastic and stand about 4" inches in height, have a felt bottom, not weighted on the base, but are solid enough where weights are not required. This chess set was first in a series produced by the Classic Games Company in 1963. About the chess pieces: The King is Augustus Gaius Julius Caesar Octvianus-nephew of the great Julius Caesar. The Queen is Augusta Livia Drusilla-she is married to Augustus and she is known as the first of the shrewd women in Roman history. She did many great works. The Rook is the column of Duillius-Gauis Duillius Fleet Consul of Rome. The Bishop is Marcus Tullius Cicero-renowned as a top politician, brilliant lawyer, and wise philosopher. The knight is a Roman Celere-men of the Roman mounted infantry were called celeres.  The Pawn is the Roman foot soldier. Chess board is a fiber board in size of 16"x16" inches and is black and white squares.

 $23.99 ItemNumber:6003 Sold

Buck Rogers Star Ship

Buck Rogers Star Ship William Buck Rogers, a sci-fi TV show airing in 1979 and lasting until 1981, was cryogenically frozen for 500 years, thawed, became a valuable member for Earth's Defenses Directorate. Selling the piece that is in ok condition. The burners in the back are cracked, due to age, and are taped on. Can be fixed with something better like model glue. Missing two front pieces or nose cones. Canopy opens and stickers are in ok condition. Length is 14" inches and height about 4" inches. Landing gear is still intact. Copyright 1979 Robert C. Dille.

 $5.99 ItemNumber:6004 Sold

Casino Pinball Game

Pinball Machine

Marx Electric Pinball containing themes of Vegas. There is the Aladdin, Golden Nugget, Oasis, Cactus, Frontier, The Palace, and the Tropics. Pinball game in working condition with some lights inoperative and some yellowing of the plastic. Game is in very good condition. Needs 4 D batteries. Same concept as a regular pinball game; less automated. Game has one arm or flipper for sending the ball back up, automatic score keeper that is a dial, ball launcher, and lights for action.  Piece is about 27" inches long, 19" inches in height, and 12" wide. click on image for better view.  Does have a wheel and flipper to get the ball into the shooter. Nice piece of history for the pinball collectors. Made by Marx in the 1950s/60's. Hard to find info on this pinball machine.

 $79.99 No.6005

Kusan Cap Gun

Kusan Cap Gun Very good condition and in perfect working order. Very little nicks or chips and majority is by the hammer. Working trigger and hammer that automatically pushes the cap paper up for the next available cap. Revolver opens up to install a cap roll onto a center peg.  Has detailing in the plastic handle and the body.  Strictly Kusan hand Cap Gun gun, not Nichols, made in Nashville Tennessee. #280 for gun number. The gun was made in the 1970's.  With the age of political correctness and Hollywood putting an end to Western movies, the cap gun is almost dead as a favorite for "Cowboys and Indians". This gun was modeled after the colt peacemaker or the silver colt mustang. Gun length is about 8.75" inches or 22.3 cm. Pan head screws hold the gun together. To get a better view-click on the picture.

 $7.99 No.6006 Sold

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